AsiaStrategies is active helping companies and brands maximise the potential of Asia Pacific.

MARKET PENETRATION AsiaStrategies is working with an Australian digital company building an expansion and Asian market penetration strategy, developing recommendations for acquisitions and partnerships and implementation two new business divisions.

BRAND EXPANSION AsiaStrategies is working with a leading Engineering company ensuring brand consistency and saliency  in preparation for international expansion.

BRAND DEFINITION AsiaStrategies is working with a private 47 years old service company redefining its brand, product offering, value proposition and growth plan to create another phase of growth and development.

BRAND DEVELOPMENT AND LAUNCH AsiaStrategies is working with an Australian agricultural consortium, developing a powerful brand within the agri-business sector to capitalize on Australia’s strong brand provenance in foodstuffs and agricultural products.  AsiaStrategies is also developing a market entry strategy covering distribution, channel planning, branding and sales and marketing.

INTERIM LEADERSHIP AsiaStrategies is working with start-up internet company in the real estate space.

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION AsiaStrategies is working with a leading tourism organisation to effect a digital transformation of its marketing activities, with a pivot to the Asia Pacific consumer.